Rashida clearly defines where Democrats are going


Democrats clearly want to dismantle everything in the United States that allows us to be free. They will replace it with a dark and dystopian world.

In the clip below, Rashida Tlaib literally says “we must eliminate funding for CBP, ICE and their parent organization DHS.”

Do you think any of us can be free without law enforcement?

She doesn’t want the borders protected or the interior.

Democrats who support her, which appears to be all of them, are clearly communists and fascists.




  1. Liberals have been exposed. They know they have lost and are trying steal everything they can before the RESET. It won’t be long before Democrats aren’t allowed outside their Big Blue Cities. Your Masters Degree in Ballroom Dancing is worthless in the real world. The Government will be downsizing soon, when Law and Order is gone there will be nothing to protect the Politicians.

  2. Invite weakness and get attacked.
    Allow America hating infiltrators to infest every level of government and external enemies will pounce when victory is one hundred percent certain.
    It really is a controlled demolition wipeout and the last act of any illegitimate government is to loot everything and reward “cronies” before they sharpen forks and fire up torches with daggers behind backs to get knifey with.
    It is exciting and dangerous times right now but don’t be discouraged because the program vendors and popcorn stand aren’t even up and running yet.
    The band is shuffling in and the conductor is AWOL but we’ll figure it out.

  3. This anti-American and anti-Semite should move back to Palestine where all of her wishes already take place. This woman is a subversive and should be removed from office.

  4. How the evil and hate have eaten away at her looks. (sexist!)
    Don’t be like Moriarity, avoid the negative waves!

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