Cuomo to make gun makers liable for crimes committed with their guns


Disgraced killer of the elderly, Governor Andrew Cuomo, king of New York, signed an executive order declaring a gun-violence emergency as we reported.  He will sign legislation to allow lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

In other words, a gun manufacturer is being made liable for any crime committed with a gun. It’s the same as holding Ford responsible for a crime committed while driving one of their cars.

Cuomo claims he is going for the “root cause” of gun violence. However, his no-bail laws and his get-out-of-jail free pass to perps caught with an illegal gun are causing the crime wave. That and his demonization of the police.

The proposed statute says gun industry players can be held liable for the illegal or “unreasonable” sale, manufacture, distribution, importing, or marketing of firearms that cause a “public nuisance.”

His law will not address the gangs committing the gun crimes, just the maker of the gun.

Under Senate Bill S7196, we learn that they are calling gun rights ‘racist’: This nuisance poses specific harm to New Yorkers based largely on their zip code and certain immutable characteristics such as race and ethnicity. Illegal firearm violence has disproportionately affected underserved black and brown neighborhoods in our cities and throughout the state…

The reason it affects brown and black neighborhoods is that the brown and black gangbangers are killing the brown and black people in their neighborhoods. Going after gun makers does nothing about the violence.

So, why is he doing it? To take our guns, of course. What gun maker will continue to make guns under these conditions? That’s the goal — destroy the gun maker.


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