Ratcliffe’s Stunning Account of People Who Could Be Charged in the Coup


John Ratcliffe reviewed some of the details of the coup with Maria Bartiromo on her show today based on the intelligence that he saw and declassified that tie into the Durham investigation. It is stunning.

In August 2016, the FBI knew that the dossier was a fraud concocted by Hillary Clinton. It never should have gone beyond that point in time. The FBI had no probable cause to investigate the Trump campaign until they used the dossier to issue a FISA warrant on Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

It was clear that Hillary was behind the plan to tie Donald Trump to Russia.

The CIA has a document from that time showing they knew Hillary cooked up the plan. She approved the plan to distract from her personal server. Peter Strzok buried it so he could get a FISA warrant on Carter Page.

Everyone involved with the Steele dossier is now in danger of criminal prosecution.

Also interesting is a tweet from John Cardillo noting that Andrew Weissmann, who was active on Twitter hasn’t tweeted since July 10th. John Brennan hasn’t tweeted since May 17th. Jim Comey went dark in January except for one tweet on September 11th.

As for Barack Obama, he apparently thought it was in his best interests to go along with the plot.


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