Ratings for Olympics opening ceremonies hit a 33-year record low


Ratings for the Olympic Games opening ceremony were down 36% compared to 2016, according to preliminary numbers from NBC Universal, Axios reports.

The figures for the Tokyo Games event mark the lowest audience for an Olympics opening ceremony event in over three decades, according to Reuters.

Roughly $1 billion has been spent on advertising around the Olympics. Ratings are the only real metric marketers can use to justify much of that spending.

About 17 million people watched the event on broadcast and streaming, according to NBC. Early broadcast numbers suggest some 10 million people watched the event on linear TV.

By comparison, about 26.5 million people and 27.8 million people tuned in to the Olympic opening events in Rio in 2016 and Pyeongchang in 2018, respectively.

There are no fans in the stands, and the time difference is an issue.

But, it’s more than that.

Some reviews of the opening ceremony pegged it as downbeat compared to previous ceremonies, others described it as boring.

It has been politicized towards the Left like everything else with the Left. We have the Women’s Soccer Team wearing Black Lives Matter uniforms and dissing the flag. There is Gwen Berry showing her contempt for the flag. It’s a turn-off to the entire event for some.

Some of the interviews were left-wing emotive nonsense.



  1. More fun to go the park and watch the swaying trees and birds swooping and diving.
    Ruining everything it touches is a feature and not a bug to leftoids.
    They seek to get in your face and demoralize you so never let them complete that mission.
    The best Olympics were 1980-1984 with the miracle on ice and Mary Lou Retton, Mary Decker Tabb, Jackie Joyner, Carl Lewis, Edwin Moses, men’s basketball coached by Bob Knight, great times!

  2. Good. I’m done watching and supporting sports and athletes who want to be political. Just think it may come to be that China Joe will have to bail them out and give them a monthly pay check.

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