Read Schumer-Manchin Bill Which Doubles The Size of the IRS


The Build Back Better legislation, misnamed The Inflation Reduction act, would more than double the size of the IRS. The IRS plans to hire more than 86,000 workers, greatly expanding the government’s feared enforcement arm.

There are 172,000 active-duty Marines, and now we will have 163,000 IRS agents, and they have access to guns.

The information is secreted in the Schumer-Manchin closed-door agreement. Democrats plan to ram it through Congress within a matter of days.

Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 by Maura on Scribd

The draft bill contains an $80 billion “investment” [“investment” is Dem-speak for “taxes”] in the Internal Revenue Service. More than half of the $80 billion will go towards enforcement activities.

Who in their right mind would want to invest in the IRS?

The bill contains only a few short pages of text explaining the provisions. It’s so vague that the IRS can do anything they want.

On page 17 of that document (see below) a chart shows that the IRS wants to hire 86,852 agents, expressed in this chart as “FTEs,” or full-time equivalent employees.

They will go after the average American, not just the rich. They will quickly run out of rich people with the spending they are engaged in.

Where to spend $80 billion from the Schumer-Manchin BBB bill on Scribd

The information first appeared in The Federalist.

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1 year ago

Democrats are expanding every Law Enforcement agency they can to create an Un-Constitutional National Police Force. The IRS is being expanded to monitor and control how people spend their money and to “confiscate” as much wealth as possible. Remember what Klaus Schwab said, “You will own nothing and like it.” You will like it because the World Economic Forum Cult will leave you no other choice. The IRS will leave you no other choice!