Readers, I Give You the President of the United States


Our President just reads off a teleprompter without knowing what he is saying. That’s why he reads, ‘end of quote’ in the first clip. It’s not a slip. He’s done it before. Sometimes he repeats what is in his earpiece.

It is disgraceful that Democrats knowingly put in a figurehead as president. It’s like living in The Truman Show.


Four More to Refresh Your Memory

In this clip, after he says he’ll freeze deportations once he becomes president, he tells someone off camera, “I lost that line.”

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Welcome To the Hotel America
Welcome To the Hotel America
2 years ago

The corner gas station was all out of 93 octane but the Bidenurkel I did that stickers were all gone.
Prices are down by 20-30¢ due to the strategic reserves cracking into, took some foodstuffs to Bro’s for the feast-o-rama and he said…yea the reserves that Trump filled up. Bwahah!
They must insulate the unity collective comrades from the cost of the Great Reset back to the primitive but eventually the water will be scolding (woke) and boiling.

2 years ago

Traitor Joe is worse then a Puppet, he’s more like a BOT with a defective AI program. The real problem is the Liberal Media. When Trump was President they just made up Lies, with Traitor Joe it’s Lies by omission.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
2 years ago

With the most dishonest main stream media in human history, those videos will never ever be shown on CNN or other of the evil media, but had it been Trump, it would be the biggest news of the week….leftists would make t shirts about it and sell them, there would be a parade in the street about how dumb Trump is.

But its a Democrat that is dumb, so the media goes to complete silence about it.

Anyway even when Trump did nothing wrong, the evil main stream media invented stuff by presenting edited videos or twitter messages out of context or inviting guests that lied.

Leftists were worried about Trump’s cognitive abilities, demanded he d be tested, but not a word about Biden who on a mental ability test would score about 50 points below Trump.

The media today ( both in USA and Canada ) are so repulsive in their dishonesty, and at the same so obviously working to keep democrats ( liberals ) in power, it is shocking that this is allowed to go on.

If Pepsi or M&M candies had tv ads saying the more you eat their product the more it ll cure your cancer, they would be stopped immediately or sued into bankrupcy because it is illegal to say such lies about a food item.

But the media are rewarded for saying uglier lies ; The democrat bill will give them Billions of $$$ Bill Gates gave them hundreds of millions, and so on and so forth

the more the main stream media lie, the more they are rewarded, while sites that present the truth with UNdoctored evidence are called fake news and conspiracy theorist sites.

Sad, but half of the 8 billion humans on this planet are as naive as 4 year old kids and if CNN and the New York Times told them often enough that 2+2=5 they would agree and would be angry at us for insisting 2+2=4 .

Sorry for the long comment

but that a senile man ( who was never bright to begin with ) is president ( by voting fraud ) and that half the planet admires him and are admiring the media that lies to them is astoundingly shocking to me.