BLM Activist Thinks Waukesha Massacre Is the Start of a Revolution


Black Lives Matter activist Vaun Mayes speculated that the Waukesha Christmas parade attack was the “start of a revolution.”

Suspect Darrell Brooks Jr, 39, drove a car into a crowd of parade-goers in Wisconsin on Sunday, killing six people, including an 8-year old child, and injuring 62 people, many of whom are children.

Speaking from the scene of the parade attack on Monday night, Mayes said in a Facebook Live: “I don’t know. Now we’ll have to wait and see because they do have somebody in custody.”

He claims to have a source.

What makes his conjecture interesting is first, the massacre is possibly connected to Kenosha. The killer, Darrell Brooks, who is charged with intentional murder, is a Black Nationalist and BLM supporter. Wausheka is only 23 miles from Kenosha.

Second, while Mayes doesn’t know anything and is just blathering, his source could be Gaige Grosskreutz, the People’s Revolution radical shot by Rittenhouse. They are members of the same group and have protested together.

Third, BLM does want a communist revolution, and with the help of the media, they could get their wish. That should concern the administration but it doesn’t and that should concern the rest of us. Our administration is out looking for invisible white supremacists while communists protest and riot while calling for revolution.

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  1. Reading about flash mobs looting pharmacies for the drugs and malls for the gear or clothing.
    Also the CPUSA/CCP assassin Brooks has a previous arrest for hitting a woman, possibly his baby’s mama, with a car at a TJ Maxx and released on $1000 bail, this is on a Twitter page called Nitter that has trouble displaying in legacy browser and the CRS is scrubbing as fast as you can find out new info.
    The Muslim group he is somewhat affiliated with is called the five percenters and doesn’t the peaceful religion use cars as a spreading peace technique? (rhetorical)
    The comrades might want to rethink the REV-LARP at 14% of the population but some people really do believe that Sugar Daddy gov is some magical god with a Midas touch.
    Picked up everything needed for Thanksgiving over the weekend and any shopping area is no place to be this coming Friday.
    BTW-If the comrades hate YT so much then why do they celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas?

    • “BTW-If the comrades hate YT so much then why do they celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas?”

      It’s likely because that’s when stores make their largest sales the looters bag their biggest heists. I’ll pass on that. Calling the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday has such a bleak and and dismal connotation especially now in light of what is allowed to go on in our country. I want no part of it.
      Home is where the heart is and we’re staying home in the woods where we live. We enjoy the wildlife and animals that live on the property rather than put up with the blacktop jungle where some very sick tribal savages and abominable behavior is more likely to exist.

      I finished my Christmas shopping in July. Those on my list will get one present a stocking and a check Yea! I’m done. Instead of going nuts buying for each other when my husband and I don’t need another thing we are donating to charity; In memory of those who have past on. I’ll bake and decorate but the Freedom that comes with less hassle and crowds is a gift on to itself while enjoying the true spirit of gratitude for our blessings and giving to those who need it most.

      Have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving and Christmas to all you good folks, in what is still the greatest country …. America.

      ” Non Illigitimi Carborundum” … Don’t let the “bass turds” get you down.

  2. AM Enemedia report called it a “Parade Tragedy” for the Bronx Cheer morning raspberry fart in their general direction.
    The original American Revolution for freedom had 3%? We are on our own at probably 2% or less as normiedom is happy with loose fitting ankle chains and a long leash.
    Distractions, appetites, delusions, desires, uber alles.

    O/T-Took a spill on AM hike on a forest obstacle and tore it down for a creek toss down 20 foot cliff! Bwahaha! Feels good, hurrah!
    It’s all Kabuki stage and be thankful that we have a role.

  3. BLM is nothing but a Communist front group run by the Extremist Democrats. BLM would not exist today if Hillary Clinton didn’t give them her Seal of Approval. Where I live, BLM stands for Babies Lives Matter which is far more important since they can’t defend themselves!

  4. Bring on the revolution 13% vs 68% and most of the 68% armed to the teeth? Good strategy, you bunch of ignorant BLM racist beotches. Come get yours today. Bring your whole family and make it quick. You are not needed or wanted in the world.

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