Real Facts of COVID-19


We know that much of the raw data underlying the CDC statistics are inflated through data collection in the hospitals and healthcare system. Nonetheless, even if we just look at the raw CDC data and evaluate, the risks are grossly exaggerated.

Stats put together by a Twitter user are taken directly from the CDC reports that cloud the real numbers as much as possible.

♦ Facts as of 9/4/21:

    • TOTAL CASES (US): 40,048,255
    • TOTAL DEATHS (US): 643,858


    • 50-64 years: 106,674 (.27% of total cases)
    • 65-74 years: 144,020 (.36% of total cases)
    • 75-84 years: 173,655 (.43% of total cases)
    • 85+ years: 185,188 (.46% of total cases)


♦ TOTAL DEATHS account for 1.6% of total cases.

    • 78.1% of TOTAL DEATHS are over the age of 65.
    • 94.7% of TOTAL DEATHS are over the age of 50.
    • 6% of TOTAL DEATHS are attributed to Covid only.
    • 94% of TOTAL DEATHS have an average of 2.9 co-morbidities (12/6/20).

COVID-19 and the vaccine are being used to further something. You decide what that something is.


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1 year ago

Now This doesn’t surprise me one iota. From the very start we cannot trust Any numbers related to Covid, absolutely Nothing.

1 year ago

Who would be willing to trust any doctor that will refuse a treatment protocol. This is what Corporate Medicine and Corporate doctors have become, anti-health.

1 year ago

The important statistic is that only 6% of Deaths are Covid only. That makes SARS-Cov-2 as deadly as the Seasonal Flu with only about 38,600 deaths. Think about that. Under the Advice of Quack Fauci, we shut down the whole Country for the equivalent of the seasonal Flu. Fauci is now the poster child for why the Bureaucratic Deep State MUST BE dismantled and Executive Branch Mandates at all levels totally outlawed. Actually I don’t think the Constitution actually allows “Mandates” from the Executive Branch. We just can’t allow the Execute Branch of Government to have this kind of power. Over the last 18 months we watched an out of control Deep State Bureaucracy destroy the American Economy while Congress was parallelized to do anything positive as usual. Big Government is always a failure. We saw Executive Branches push Mandates as if they are Law and in America Legislatures make Law. We shouldn’t allow Legislatures to delegate that power. In fact, I think the Congress should be required to sign off on Supreme Court Decisions. The Court’s power should only be an up or down vote on the Constitutionality of a Law. If any part of a Law is Un-Constitutional it goes back to Congress. No partial rulings, all or nothing.

People aren’t stupid, well maybe 40% are because they vote Democrat. The People can figure this stuff out better locally. We need to stop the one size fits none stupidity we get from the Federal Government. The Federal Government should have no power at the individual level and much less at the State Level. The Federal Government needs to focus on protecting borders and winning wars. Governors and Mayors would have done a much better job of dealing with SARS-Cov-2. Without the Federal Government poking it’s nose into Medicine, with it’s Faux Science. Therapeutics should have been used to save more lives, at least in Red States. Putting all our chips on a vaccine and outlawing Therapeutics was just plan dumb. We saw first hand how inept the Big Blue States are. CDC policies have been Political with almost no basis in science.

In 18 months, 643,858 people died with Covid, the chance of dying “with” SARS-Cov-2 was less than .15% annualized. The chance of dying “from” SARS-Cov-2 is only .008% which is very, very low in the big scheme of things. You are more likely to die of a heart attack. Over 650.000 people die of heart attacks each year. People are constantly talking about they know someone who died of Covid, people also know people who die of a Heart Attack, a Car Accident, Cancer, an Accident at Work, etc. From day one I said COVID-19 was a Hoax and the CDC data proves it. My big question is how many people died because they were misdiagnosed as having Covid when they had a Bacterial infection that went untreated? We need to be open to the fact that Covid isn’t the only disease on the planet. We need to treat Covid aggressively with therapeutics and also treat Bacterial infections if appropriate. Just sending people home to quarantine for 2 weeks is absolute Quackery.

For over a year now we have been hearing about a lack of Hospital Beds. This seems to be the Case in many Big Blue States, not so much in Red States. There are constant PSAs in my state about hospital beds. The trend has been downward for over a year and as of last week’s state data only 11% of hospital beds have Covid patients. With 11%, Hospitals aren’t overflowing with Covid Patients. We are being lied to by our Government and I’m sick and tired of it! The Government is still lying about how good the Vaccines are against the Delta Variant. CDC numbers indicate maybe 66%, some European numbers are on the order of 25%. That’s not a Vaccine and the Government had to change the definition of a vaccine to say they are.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 year ago

Yes, those are not cases, nor deaths. The definition of both was improperly distorted to cause an overreaction. A case used to be a sick person. A death due to an illness used to be a person shown specifically to be caused by an illness. The real numbers are small fractions of what you presented.

1 year ago

Fauci pre-Covid, acting like a “doctor”.

With over 600,000 adverse events we may eventually see more Because of vaccines than Covid itself, considering the misdiagnosing “Flu” as Covid.