Reality Sets in at the CDC


Caveat: This comes from the unreliable CDC and a Trump hater.

After using Omicron to push mandates and sell more vaccines, the CDC has published some statistics. They actually do have stats. Omicron is much closer to the flu than Delta.



  1. Reality? They can’t handle reality.
    Reality will cause the smoking mirrors (h/t-LV) system to seize up.
    Don’t worry they are saving the 100% lethal variant because EVIL.
    The CPUSA will have to play the WAR with Russia and China card if the COV-LARP ends.

  2. Shapiro and the CDC are awful sources unworthy of this site. Shapiro was a strong proponent of the scam until he got into trouble with his audience pushing jabs. Now he is in damage control. There are lots of good sources out there which have had correct positions from early on, there is no reason to present him here. All numbers from the start from the agencies have been junk used to perpetrate their lies. Trusting anythign they put out is at the least gullible.

    • It’s the closest thing to reality that they’ve put up. I did check stats in UK and Israel first. They’re similar. I know what you’re saying though.

  3. The CDC and FDA have been at the core of the Conspiracy to perpetrate the COVID Hoax. They know that in a year, the Democrats will no longer be able to protect them. The first goal of Bureaucracies is to protect the Bureaucracy. The CDC Bureaucracy is hoping that by coming clean and jumping ship like the rats they are, they will be able to survive a day of reckoning. I’m hoping that Republicans will finally be forced to get the Federal Government out of Medicine and allow the States to deal with the issue. History has shown us that Central Planning never works and Central Planning in Medicine is dangerous to the Nation and even the human race. One size fits none medicine will never work because the humane race is too diverse. Medicine requires the individual attention of a doctor who can custom tailor treatment to the individual.

    Things like education and medicine really need to be city and county issues with minimum State oversight and ZERO Federal involvement. The only thing the Federal Government has done in relation to medical care and education is to make it lower quality and far more costly. Starting with the CDC, FDA, and Department of Education, The Federal must begin downsizing to the point that the Federal Government is 5% of the GDP. Americans don’t need any more than 5% of GDP sized Federal Government and probably no more than 10% or 12% of total Government overall. If we reduce the size of Government, we will have a much larger Middle-class and far fewer hell bent on tyranny Billionaires.

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