It Must Be One Hell of an EV Charger for $7.5 Million


Reason Makes a Good Point: No One Is Accountable for Anything

The government is so large that they can spend whatever they want without oversight and accountability. When caught, they will point fingers at innocent people, and nothing is done. It’s all quickly forgotten with the help of the media. We keep voting for these people so they never pay for their misdeeds and incompetence.

Our officials are addicted to spending so they can get voted back in, and eventually, our economy will collapse.

Listen to This:

“Two years ago, congress spent 7.5 billion on electric vehicle chargers. How many have been built? One! That’s $7.5 billion for this. This story makes me want to yell because where did the money go? Seriously, where did it go? There are so many stories like this, where government will spend billions on projects with little or nothing to show for them.

“Like the Pentagon, which can’t account for $220 billion in gear given to contractors. And they failed six audits in a row. Or Biden’s $42 billion broadband project, even though more than 90% of Americans already have access to high-speed Internet. The VA bought 10,000 iPhones for $8 million – never used 8500 of them. And never forget $400 billion in COVID aid was either wasted or stolen. So the next time the feds propose to spend a bunch of money on a big new shiny stimulus project, even if it sounds grea,t don’t forget how government spending projects really work.”

This lack of oversight and accountability is a problem in all areas of our society. With the funding of the Ukraine war, we weren’t allowed to have oversight. That was a bipartisan issue. The same thing happens with crime in the big blue cities. Criminals, like the one who just stabbed two young girls from South America, were arrested over and over. They were not held accountable, so their crimes accelerated. Antifa and Black Lives Matter were not held accountable for their riots on behalf of the hero George Floyd, a violent career criminal who committed a crime on the day he died and was loaded up with drugs. Let’s start telling the truth about what’s going on.

Drug dealers, burglars, shoplifters, carjackers, and gun criminals all get out of jail without bail. We have gone mad.

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2 months ago

Government is using criminals to punish us for demanding they do their job.

Ancient Alien
Ancient Alien
2 months ago

Since the lawless become the law, it’s the law abiding whose lives are in peril.