Rebekah Jones Is Finished


A damning report out of Florida’s Inspector General’s office, found that fired IT tech staffer Rebekah Jones was not a whistleblower, but rather a liar and a fraud.

Jones claims she was ordered to manipulate Florida’s COV dashboard in May 2020 to make Gov. DeSantis look better as he moved to re-open the state. The IG found her allegations “unsubstantiated” and “unfounded.”

The IG found there was little or no evidence to back up her claims.

The report indicated that she did not understand public health policy or the significance of epidemiological data. Additionally she did not even have high-level access to crucial information. The claims themselves lacked viability.

The woman caused significant harm to the credibility of the health department and three employees with her lies and ignorance. She is paying the price now.

Twitter kicked her off the platform, she faces a felony computer crime charge and a stalking charge. And everyone who cares knows she’s a complete fraud.

She even lied about the results of the report which anyone can read. She even lied about having whistleblower status:

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Rocky Rawlins
Rocky Rawlins
1 year ago

Since the Mainstream Media will continue to repeat the lie from now till the cows come home the truth or falsehood of the story are totally irrelevant.

It’s a great piece of propaganda and therefore will be repeated as long as it has any use.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

One must wonder: delusional or deliberate fraud?
It often seems mental health issues are not well understood.
Either way, there is no denying the pain she brought to the lives of innocent people.