Red China blasts Trump for tweet about the Wuhan Chinese Virus


President Trump sent a tweet on Monday describing the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus”.

The Red Chinese and Democrats are angry about it.

Someone needs to explain to these people that Wuhan is a place, not a race, but they know that.

No one holds this against Chinese people, but we do hold the Chinese communist government responsible for their lies. They should be apologizing, not spreading propaganda.

It is clear that Red China lied about both its infection rate and mortality rate. As Jim Geraghty writes at National Review, “We are in this mess in large part because of the decisions of the Chinese government. And once it’s safe to come out, we’re going to face some extremely consequential decisions about how we choose to treat the Chinese government after their catastrophic secrecy, coverups, blundering, and disregard for human life around the globe.”

Not only did the Chinese communist leadership lie, but now they are blaming the United States for the horror they unleashed on the world.

Geng Shuang, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, said the President’s tweet amounts to “stigmatisation of China”.

“We urge the US to correct its mistake and stop its groundless accusations against China,” he added.

China’s official news agency, Xinhua, said Mr. Trump’s language was “racist and xenophobic” and revealed “politicians’ irresponsibility and incompetence”, risking increasing fears over the virus.

Thanks to our media and other Democrats like communist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio spreading their propaganda, that view is taking hold. It’s utter nonsense.

De Blasio said the phrase, ‘China Virus,’ risked “fueling more bigotry” against Asian-Americans.

No, it doesn’t, but it explains clearly where it came from.


The President explained that by calling it the ‘Chinese Virus,’ “I called it where it came from, it did come from China.”

It is also what the media had been calling it.


China loves using our own media’s propaganda against us. It’s not xenophobic to accurately call an illness after the place it originated.

The media and Democrat politicians were calling it the Wuhan virus, and now they say it’s xenophobic. Calling viruses by the place of origin has been done for eons.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Both China and Democrats have the same goal – destroy Donald J. Trump and all his followers too. Labeling them all racist and xenophobic over nothing is their common interest.

The illness came from Red China and Red China is to blame. China has even threatened to stop shipping our antibiotics. We rely on Red China for key drugs and ingredients.

The media is more concerned about the President calling the virus a Chinese virus than they are about China falsely claiming it originated in the U.S. with U.S. military.

A damaged economy and dead Americans will only help Democrats and Red China. That is the truth.


The Chinese reporters in the United States are spreading propaganda against this President, but our own media and politicians are better at it.

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