NYC Mayor de Blasio might order everyone to shelter in place while he doesn’t (video)


Communist New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is telling New Yorkers to be prepared for an order to shelter-in-place. They already have such a mandate in San Francisco.

He said during a press conference Tuesday afternoon that residents should be “prepared right now for the possibility of a shelter in place order” but added it is not definite yet.

Meanwhile, he can go to the gym while the residents can’t:

After acknowledging that everyone is “deeply concerned about the direction and the trajectory” of the worsening crisis, de Blasio said that he thinks it’s the “right guidance” to give New Yorkers the heads up of a possible shelter in place order, despite how a decision has not yet been made by the city or by the state.

The New York City mayor added that it’s “definitely a possibility at this point,” before saying that he estimates a decision being made in the next 48 hours.

“It’s a very, very difficult decision — I want to emphasize that,” de Blasio said. “It is difficult anywhere in the United States of America, it is particularly difficult in a city with such a large population, so densely populated together. But I think the point has come where that decision does have to be made.”

De Blasio will be working with Governor Cuomo on this.

Cuomo said the peak for the illness is probably 45 days out.

This announcement comes a day after San Francisco told people to remain in place for three weeks. Are there repercussions if they don’t shelter in place? It’s not clear, but Andrew Cuomo said it’s not happening soon after he gave this speech.

Here is what they do in Wuhan:

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