Red Hen Owner Still Won’t Allow “Unsavory” Trump Supporters


The hypocrisy of the leftist Red Hen owners

Remember the Red Hen restaurant owner in Lexington, Virginia who asked then-press secretary Sarah Sanders to leave after she already began serving the family, some of whom are liberals? Owner Stephanie Wilkinson is back in the news with a nasty, Stalinesque op-ed at The Washington Post.

Stephanie Wilkinson, Facebook page

Wilkinson rejects violence against “unwelcome potential patrons,” but claims eateries are political stages that serve as locations for protests or to refuse service.

“A portion of the public will scold owners and managers about ‘staying in their lane’ and express chagrin at the loss of a perceived ‘politics-free zone,” she stated in her OpEd to the Washington Post. However, according to her “[e]ateries have always reserved the right to refuse service. But in the main, the real hospitality code comes down to a simple if paradoxical statement: All are welcome. Terms and conditions apply.”

Yes, but discrimination over “values” should be illegal.

Wilkinson claims political opponents are “unsavory individuals,” and every business can serve according to their “values.”

“On a variety of levels, pressure is increasing on companies to articulate and stand by a code. Customers are demonstrating that they want to patronize companies that share their values. Our workforce also increasingly demands that employers establish a set of ethical standards.”

She concluded her nasty little piece by saying, “If you’re directly complicit in spreading hate or perpetuating suffering,” she unabashedly says, “maybe you should consider dining at home.”

The only ones spreading hate are Stephanie and people on the left.

So if you are not a Progressive leftist, you are a hater who will suffer banishment from the public square.

She’s a petty tyrant and should be embarrassed by her bigotry and lack of ethics. The hospitality business is the last place she belongs.

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