Red Pope Gives Woke Pelosi Her Big PR Moment


Our relentlessly divisive and dictatorial House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finagled a highly successful PR stunt with Pope Francis Saturday morning. Criticisms against her for her support of the killing of the unborn to the moment of birth were missing in reports of the joyful meeting.

By the Pope giving her this opportunity, he is showing the world that her version of Catholic doctrine is really okay. He doesn’t mean to reflect that but he is.

The rapture overwhelming her came in a tediously hyperbolic statement praising his “lifting up those who have been left out or left behind, especially in the time of COVID.”


She claimed that the city proudly rejoices in sharing his name in secular, lawless San Fran. “In San Francisco, we take special pride in Pope Francis, who shares the namesake of our city and whose song of St. Francis is our anthem. ‘Lord, make me a channel of thy peace. Where there is darkness, may we bring light. Where there is hatred, may we bring love. Where there is despair, may we bring hope.’”


So says the woman who seeks to kill the unborn and continually violates the church’s basic teachings.

Pelosi is a false preacher who only worships Marxist secularism in all things. But with the Woke Pope, she was with a comrade.

“It was a spiritual, personal, and official honor,” she proclaimed, “to have an audience with His Holiness Pope Francis this morning.  His Holiness’s leadership is a source of joy and hope for Catholics and for all people, challenging each of us to be good stewards of God’s creation, to act on climate, to embrace the refugee, the immigrant, and the poor, and to recognize the dignity and divinity in everyone.”

Pope Francis is a source of joy because he loves climate change extremism and illegal immigration.

Does Pelosi recognize the dignity of everyone? When she calls Republicans domestic terrorists, rips up Trump’s State of the Union behind him as he speaks, when she promotes censorship of Americans with whom she disagrees, is she recognizing the dignity of everyone or creating hatred?

Pelosi believes all conservatives must recognize the dignity of the Left and shut up. She wants you to believe conservatives are refusing the dignity of the people of the world for not wanting the world to cross our borders illegally. In her world, conservatives refuse dignity when they don’t want to fork over all their money to socialist Democrats and thugs throughout the world in the name of climate change. Somehow giving away all our money to people like AOC doesn’t seem as if it will cure climate change.

The Pope is useful and while Pelosi and Biden and other so-called Catholics in leadership are besmirching everyone with whom they disagree, she returns from Rome a victor after the Pope inexplicably gave her a huge photo opportunity.

Pelosi claimed she spoke “decisively on the climate crisis with special attention to the most vulnerable communities.  I expressed the gratitude of those working on climate action in the Congress for the immense moral clarity and urgency that His Holiness continues to bring to the climate crisis, and how we continue to cherish his address to the Joint Session of Congress in 2015.”

She is only thinking of power and her voting base which includes criminals, cartels, terrorists, and parasites.

The Pope endorses the New World Order

First Things editor R. R. Reno noted of Laudato Si that in it, Francis “endorses the Earth Charter, a secular initiative. Its goal: ‘a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.’…Francis ends with meditations on the Church’s spiritual tradition and dogmas. The Eucharist ‘motivates us to greater concern for nature and the poor.’ The doctrine of the Trinity encourages a spirituality of ‘global solidarity.’ There’s little suggestion that Christian revelation, or even belief in God, judges and corrects the ecological movement and its consensus views about global warming. At most, it seems, our faith enriches the Earth Charter.”

Nancy loves that and is inspired by it.

Inspired Nancy might want to do something about the homeless in her hometown.  They’ve made San Francisco a crime-ridden hellhole notorious for public defecation and theft. Walgreens just had to close four more stores because of the theft which is now allowed to just under $1000 per thief per episode. Most of Walgreen’s shelves are empty most of the time.

Perhaps Nancy isn’t worried about their dignity, nor that of the homeless or the victims of Democrat policies.

For her, it’s her politics all the time.

Personally, I am Catholic and don’t like fake Catholics or misguided Marxist Popes who give photo-ops to people like Nancy. Watch:

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