Americans Are Simply Leaving Their Jobs


A historically high number of U.S. workers voluntarily quit their jobs in August, led by bar and restaurant employees as well as retail staff, according to figures released Tuesday by the Department of Labor.

They seem to be quitting over COVID since the figures came in before Biden’s sweeping vaccine mandates. Maybe they want to sit home and wait for their next bailout. Are we losing our work ethic?

The damage this administration has done with their hyper-hysteria over COV is hardly measurable yet but is reflected in the very serious supply chain issues. It’s almost as if the administration wants it all to come crashing down…hmmm…

In some cases, nurses and other healthcare workers are leaving their jobs because they don’t want the vaccine. It’s happening in other occupations as vaccine mandates are announced.

The AP reports: Labor Department’s monthly Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey, known as the JOLTS report, showed that 4.3 million left their jobs. The quits rose to 2.9 percent, which is an increase of 242,000 from the previous month and represents the highest figure in data that goes back to December 2000.

An increase of 157,000 quits was recorded in the accommodation and food services industry, while 26,000 more left the wholesale trade business, the figures show. State and local government education saw 25,000 more departures.

Employers laid off approximately 1.3 million workers in August, according to the agency.

“The August JOLTS report shows employers and workers were anxious about the rising Delta COVID-19 wave two months ago,” Robert Frick, corporate economist at the Navy Federal Credit Union said in a note obtained by several news outlets. “Workers quit, especially in retail, at a record rate to avoid exposure to possible infection. Job openings dropped, especially in leisure and hospitality, as travel dropped markedly due to Delta,” Frick added.

The administration is destroying our travel industry.




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1 year ago

Communist Democrat Liberal Losers may be quitting over Covid, but of the people I know are quitting or retiring over the Covid Vaccine bullshit. I also live around a lot of independent Truck Drivers. They farm and raise cattle too. With the increase in the cost of diesel, it’s just not profitable anymore for an independent trucker to haul a load. The cost and shortages are affecting the restaurant industry. Restaurants are forced to raise prices to cover overhead cost. With the price increases, tips for employees are down and for some working in a restaurant the work is no longer viable. Increased shipping cost and shortages are affecting every part of Life in America now. It didn’t have to happen. Traitor Joe destroyed the greatest economy in History in just 9 months. This is what happens when you put incompetent people in Government, and every Liberal is incompetent in Political Office. Their track record proves that!

Traitor Joe and Company are Communist with a vision to destroy America, but have no vision to rebuild America. Build Back Better is just horse manure. It’s all about the expansion of the Federal Government. Communist think Government can just print money. They don’t understand economics or market forces; it’s too complicated for the Liberal Arts mind. Fiat Currency has to have production behind it to have value. Shuffling Government created paperwork to meet ever changing Bureaucratic goals is not production, it’s overhead. All big government does is create overhead, which slows the economy. When Government takes too much from an economy, the economy goes underground. That is what is happening now. The funny thing is that Communist Democrat Liberal Losers think they can create an IRS big enough to tax all the local underground economies they are creating. That’s a fools errand. To expand the Government, the Government will have to create more worthless fiat currency, which will just create more inflation and expedite the devaluation of the dollar. My Brother has been investing in lead. He thinks bullets will be the emerging currency in the South since they have real value. A bullet can put food on the table.

President Trump understood economics and knew the only way to get America out of it’s head long journey to bankruptcy was to expand the economy and reduce the overhead created by Government. Deep State Bureaucrats were not going to have any part of it. They are too addicted to their power and control over the rest of us. When the Bureaucrats and Politicians realized their days were numbered, they Stole the 2020 Election in a desperate attempt to keep their power. Their demise is just a matter of time because The People are not amused. The only question now is will the Communist Democrat Liberal Losers fade into history, or will they need to be crushed?

Fighting Amish Beyond Yoderdome
Fighting Amish Beyond Yoderdome
1 year ago

Remember they don’t want any travel for deplorable kulak untermenschen bitter clingers because that makes them easier to control.
Jolt? You mean like the energy drink soda from the 1980’s, I kid with a Bleachbit cloth on the latrine server! (sarc)

O/T-Reading about a Minnesotastan Marxist U. (not the Golden Gopher dome) cancelling actually historic Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus for being…wayciss!
Mystery Babylon Be, yes we can!

Max Rockatansky
Max Rockatansky
1 year ago

The Lord Humungus comrades of the CPUSA have caused them to just walk away.
We’ll see how long the free milk and honey lasts when there is no productive economic activity.
Sitting around on Fakebook all day updating the I’m so woke and offended by everything report brings in exactly zero.
Comrade Marx got it right about labor and it is about time that they figured out what power they have in feeling the taxpayer money feeding trough.