Reddit Censored Comments, Posts, Top Comment on Mississippi Case


The top comment on Reddit about the Mississippi killer was removed. The comment was not offensive or fake news. The only thing the comment did was provide factual information and links to mainstream media articles of the case. If the Mississippi cop killer was white, would it have been removed?

At first, the story was barely mentioned in the media. It was a news brief in the media. It’s still not getting much press.

Social media is no longer even subtle about their outright censorship of those things with which they disagree or don’t want people to know about.

Following is the comment that was removed and make note of the fact that, oddly, the first two links to the Wayback Machine are also broken because of “robots.txt”.

What’s even worse is the archived post doesn’t match the original at this point. The original post has been reposted five times and the reddit censors keep removing it.

Tell us what’s wrong with the post after you look it over. It’s factual. The only thing wrong with it, that we could find, is it doesn’t fit the narrative of white cops killing innocent blacks. The other problem is the poster listed sources with information of the crime.


[–]GuacamoleFanatic[S]3752 points  

Suspect handcuffed

  •  Shootings occurred at three separate homes Saturday night in rural Lincoln County 
  • Lincoln County Sheriff Steve Rushing said the suspect, Willie Cory Godbolt, aged 35, was captured Sunday morning 
  • Mississippi Bureau of Investigation spokesman Warren Strain said charges have not yet been filed against the suspect
  • Godbolt told the Clarion-Ledger that his intentions were to take his children and that other people intervened
  • He said: It cost them their lives, Im sorry and that his intention was suicide by cop

Authorities have not released the identities or ages of those killed  

BROOKHAVEN, Mississippi (AP) — Authorities in Mississippi say a suspect is in custody after eight people were killed in a shooting, including a sheriff’s deputy. Mississippi Bureau of Investigation spokesman Warren Strain said the shootings occurred at three separate homes Saturday night in rural Lincoln County. Strain says charges have not yet been filed against the suspect and that it would be “premature” to discuss a motive. It was not clear whether the suspect knew his victims before allegedly killing them.

Fox6Now: Police say 8 dead in Mississippi shooting

NBC Washington: 8 Dead, Including Deputy Sheriff After Miss. Shooting

Mississippi gunman who killed eight people says he did it because he loved his children and wife

“Suicide by cop was my intention. I aint fit to live not after what ive done”

This seems to be the 23rd mass killing in the US so far this year, with 111 people killed in such attacks.

Willie Godbolt, 35, has a long criminal record, including:

■ Charged with armed robbery and aggravated assault in 2005 after he allegedly struck a man with a pistol and took his cash and jewelry;

■ In 2013, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office charged him with simple assault;

■ Arrested in 2015 for disorderly conduct/breach of peace and failure to comply with a request from a sheriff;

■ Arrested in 2015 for speeding, driving with a suspended license, and no proof of liability insurance by the Mississippi Highway Patrol.

In 2016, Godbolt filed an appeal to a judgment against him in a simple assault and disorderly conduct case. Source

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Normally, the left would use a case like this to say we have to take guns away from the people, but they didn’t. The only thing that doesn’t seem to fit the narrative is that the man is Black and he killed a White cop. The killer of eight absurdly said, “My intentions was to have yall kill me, I ran out of bullets”.

It’s a big news story.

This could  also bring up the ethics of the death penalty and the left wouldn’t want that.

Reddit users claimed to have found 4423 comments removed from the Manchester thread.

The story of NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio’s pedophile employee has also been removed.

One user wrote this: I got banned a few months ago around the Milo Yiannopoulos scandal. I commented that “he seemed to be talking about his own experiences” and that the outrage seemed to be out of proportion. Some guy called me a pedophile because of this and I said “oh fuck off, accusing me of pedophilia is just the lowest”. The guy who called me a pedophile didn’t even have his comment removed while I was banned and muted by the mods.

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