Redfield to Fauci: “This Pandemic Was Caused by Science”


“This pandemic was caused by science.”


The former CDC Director, Dr. Robert Redfield, responded to retired NIAID director Anthony Fauci’s criticisms of him on Chris Cuomo’s News Nation. Watch the short clip or the full 25-minute interview below.

Dr. Redfield said, “I think it was done probably as part of a biodefense program that largely was trying to make a vaccine vector…but unfortunately, that virus escaped…probably somewhere in the September [2019] timeframe. I do believe that the most likely answer when we get to the truth is that this pandemic was caused by science, not by a natural spillover event.”

There is more from Dr. Redfield after the background information.

In early March, Dr. Redfield, under oath, directly blamed Dr. Anthony Fauci and the US Government for the gain of function experiments that probably indirectly led to the deaths of millions of people worldwide.

Dr. AnthonyFauci followed up. He went on News Nation with Chris Cuomo and spread misinformation and disinformation. It was his attempt to counteract Dr. Redfield’s testimony. Fauci is convincing if you haven’t done your research.

Dr. Redfield said, “This pandemic was caused by science.” 

He gave his response to Dr. Fauci, with evidence, on The Hill, Rising. Dr. Panda provided the highlights in his substack today:
  1. Calls for a renewal of the moratorium banning gain-of-function research.
  2. Warns the “Great Pandemic” is coming — not from a natural spillover event but from gain-of-function research and or intentional bioterrorism. A bird flu virus that is manipulated to transmit human-to-human.
  3. The same Wuhan lab published a study in 2014 where they successfully enabled a coronavirus to bind to human ACE2 receptors.
  4. SARS-CoV-2 has several sequences that are likely the result of gain-of-function research.
    • The furin cleavage site.
    • The nucleotide triplet sequence for arginine is for human use – not bat.
  1. The fact that SARS-CoV-2 can barely infect bats but can infect humans provides a lot of evidence that this virus was manipulated.
  2. Research done on SARS-CoV-2 was part of a biodefence program — to create a vaccine vector — but unfortunately escaped.
  3. In September 2019, three odd things happened at the Wuhan Lab (around the same time the first illnesses happened in the area):
  4. Lab management was changed from civilian to military control.
  5. All virus sequences were deleted.
  6. A new ventilation system was installed.
  7. Warns gain-of-function research is currently being done in labs all across the world.
  8. Society should determine if gain-of-function research should continue — if so, it needs to be done in a safe, responsible, and effective way.

Short clip:

Full Follow-Up Interview:
Dr. Fauci fabricates well:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

It is good to see Redfield, an obvious participant in the criminal conspiracies, speak of the abuses to a minor degree.
Dr. Judy Mikovits and others have identified specific things Redfield was involved in that were unethical and criminal. He was intimately involved in GOF projects going back to the early 90s. He was in the inner circle of the abuses. He also had the biggest role in the fake testing and abusive hospital procedures. He is a murderer, needs prison for life or worse.

Stop Medical Tyranny
Stop Medical Tyranny
11 months ago
Reply to  The Prisoner

Everyone responsible for the deaths of millions belong in jail with Redfield.