Trump Grand Jury Delayed at Least Until Thursday


The grand jury in the Donald Trump hush money case was delayed. Today’s session was postponed. They had an additional witness scheduled to appear before today’s grand jury.

The grand jury is on standby for Thursday.

“We can’t confirm or comment on Grand Jury matters,” Bragg’s office told Fox News.

Sources told Fox News, though, that there remains a real chance that Bragg does not choose to indict the former president.

Bragg stopped the last investigation in January 2022 because there wasn’t enough [any] evidence. Prosecutors Mark Pomerantz and Carey Dunne were trying to get Trump at that time. Pomerantz wrote a book about it, saying Donald Trump disgusted him.

Both resigned when Bragg failed to prosecute. They were angry that the new DA Alvin Bragg began raising doubts about pursuing a case against Trump. Bragg said there was insufficient evidence.

There are two other cases under investigation. One is in Georgia with Fani Willis who campaigned on getting Trump. She’s looking at RICO and conspiracy charges.  The other case is led by the DOJ’s Special Counsel, a far-left operator named Jack Smith. He let leak that they presented evidence Donald Trump might have been guilty of “criminal violations.”

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10 months ago

Bragg needs more time to manufacture more criminal evidence. It’s kind of like when Democrats stop counting election votes so they can manufacture more Democrat Ballots.