Registering Our Replacements to Vote in Federal Elections?


This story is deeply concerning. Millions of unvetted people are pouring into this country illegally who will vote Democrat if given the chance. They didn’t mind coming in illegally, and they won’t mind voting illegally. If they are criminals, they will vote for soft-on-crime policies and open borders; terrorists and spies will vote for anything that destroys the country; and deadbeats will vote for freebies.

End Wokeness posted the numbers of new voters in swing states. The biggest target, Texas, is very troubling.

The Federal Voter Database HAVV is insecure, with loopholes and openings for potential fraud.

The End Wokeness post above has notes claiming it’s just a check, and they require the last four digits of the SSN to register for HAVV or a driver’s license, which 16 states allow. They look almost identical to citizens’, or they can simply buy an illegal one.

Fake SSNs are easily bought in New York City streets via illegal alien gangs. The Motor Voter Act, first pushed by Bill Clinton, makes cheating even easier. Blue states won’t pursue illegal voters. They encourage them to vote.

Illegal immigrants can also obtain SSNs through work authorizations:
    1. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA): This policy allows certain individuals who came to the United States as children (DREAMERS) and meet several guidelines to request consideration of deferred action from deportation. Those approved for DACA are also eligible for work authorization in the U.S., and with work authorization, they can apply for an SSN.
    2. Temporary Protected Status (TPS): TPS is granted to eligible nationals of certain countries experiencing problems that make it difficult or unsafe for their nationals to be deported there. Those granted TPS are also eligible for work authorization, and thus, can apply for an SSN.
    3. Other forms of relief: Certain other immigration reliefs and statuses, including asylum or adjustment of status applications, can also grant eligibility for work authorization and subsequently an SSN.

Biden is giving out work authorizations and IDs as quickly as possible.

Criminals, terrorists, spies, and deadbeats are coming in illegally, and they will vote for what benefits them. Democrats have made everyone on the wrong side of the United States part of their voting blocs, and they protect them in their sanctuary cities.

We will become a Third World nation. Democrats are forcing us into decline.

Numbers registering for the Federal election have skyrocketed in Arizona, Texas, and Pennsylvania.

A radio host listened in on a phone call in 2015 under the Obama regime. High-placed Obama officials discussed a plan to replace Americans by forming a country within a country, a country of illegals within the USA, with illegals eventually taking control.

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