Cartels Threaten Sheriffs, Use Social Media as an Intel Tool


On Tuesday, Terrell County Sheriff Thaddeus Cleveland told NewsNation that cartel members have been using social media platforms to threaten officials, including himself.

Cleveland appeared on “NewsNation Live with Marni Hughes” to discuss the threats he has been receiving from cartel members, who he says regularly check his Facebook account.

As the sheriff posts to his social media account regarding the department’s work along the border, Cleveland told the outlet that he has received messages from the cartels calling him vulgar and derogatory names with a warning that members were watching him and “his family.”

NewsNation host Marni Hughes questioned the Sheriff about his thoughts about this and whether there was a “most concerning” message he received.

Cleveland recalled that, during his 26 years working as a Border Patrol agent, there were times that cartel members would put out “a hit” on agents and said it “comes with the territory.”

“I don’t put a whole lot of worry, you know, I’m pretty secure in my faith,” Cleveland told News Nation. “And I’ve taken an oath on three different occasions – first in the United States military, then as a U.S. Border Patrol agent, now a sheriff. So I’m going to do what’s right for our citizens, for our nation. Regardless of what’s thrown at us, you just gotta chalk that up in the back of your mind and continue to do what you do.”

He has never seen anything like this in three years. People need to vote for someone to be president who will stop this.

News Nation reporter Ali Bradley told Marni the illegal criminals coming in are threatening officers on their social media profiles.

Cartels exploit social media in their kidnapping business.


We have too many criminals coming in through our open border. They are trafficking drugs, women, and children. We don’t have borders, and our justice system is chaotic. A Democrat judge just released about 200 violent rioters involved in the El Paso riot. These are not people we should want in the country.

This is evil, and it is destroying our nation.

One day, you will see headless people hanging upside down from overpasses or mass shootings far worse than we have ever seen. What Democrats are doing is unsustainable and is only happening so they can get votes and permanent power.

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