Released: First Video of 2020 Ballot Harvesters in Georgia


Just the News released one of the videos in the ballot harvesting case in Georgia now under investigation. True the Vote tracked hundreds of ballot harvesting during the 2020 election. The harvesters might have significantly impacted the presidency and the Senate seats. They have turned over the evidence to Secretary of State Raffensperger.

Evidence and videos in the case have not been released publicly until now with this one.

John Solomon reported on Just the News that “Secretary of State Raffensperger says subpoenas could be forthcoming. Georgia authorities have launched an investigation into an allegation of systematic ballot harvesting during the state’s 2020 general election and subsequent U.S. Senate runoff and may soon issue subpoenas to secure evidence, Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger confirmed to Just the News.”

And this video could be some early proof of those claims:

A man approaches a ballot drop-off box, stopping to take a photo of a bag full of alleged ballots.  That is esp. noteworthy after a whistleblower told the story of how he made money (over $45,000) by doing the same thing.

This is just the beginning. It could blow open cases in several swing states.


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