Remarkable thread of corruption in reporting the President’s role in Coronavirus


The Trump administration responded quickly to Coronavirus, putting travel restrictions in place before it officially spread to other countries. Politico decided at the time, in late January, that it would undercut international efforts and stigmatize people.

WHO chief Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus saw no need for widespread restrictions and Politico quickly used that to attack the President. The articles ran on and on with constant negatives and only deep into the articles, were there comments supporting the President.

Politico also quoted Democrats objecting to the President’s stern measures to contain the virus.

The articles by D. Diamond are complete lies then and now. Diamond blamed the President for the President’s so-called overreaction with quotes and anything negative Diamond could find. Now he’s claiming the President was widely hailed by the press originally, and that is wildly untrue.  Read to the end. If you prefer to read the thread at the reader app, it can be found here.

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