Remember the Name Megan Hunt, Remember Jake Gardner


Yesterday, we posted the story of a wounded war vet with PTSD who owned a bar in Omaha, Nebraska. He was essentially killed by the mob.

In May, while trying to stop a repeat looter calling himself Black Lives Matter, the bar owner Jake Gardner was forced into a physical fight with the Black Lives Matter group. Mr. Gardner fired off two warning shots to stop their assault. The group backed off but one 22-year-old black man decided to try and choke Mr. Garnder while straddling his back.

In a clear case of self-defense, Mr. Gardner shot the criminal and the criminal died. The DA saw no need to charge Mr. Gardner with anything after seeing the video. Things changed after months of assaults by the BLM and the media. The DA surrendered to the mob and charged Mr. Gardner for an assortment of crimes. That was Friday. By Monday, Mr. Gardner was dead. He shot himself to death.

As you can imagine, BLM is celebrating. But, did you know, a state senator is too and is encouraging more of this? Her name is Megan Hunt.

She wrote on Twitter: The indictment of Jake Gardner would never have happened without the community, the people, who stood up for justice and demanded action from city officials. Jake Gardner is gone, but the white supremacist attitudes that emboldened him are still with us today.

“Stood up for justice?” They stood up for injustice. Mr. Gardner was not a white supremacist. He was a man trying to make a living after serving his country through multiple tours of duty and two brain injuries.

“Emboldened him?” To save his own life in self-defense?

Remember the name Megan Hunt. She is the face of the Democrat Party today.

After that comment, you can find a meaningless comment about preventing suicide.

Remember Jake Gardner, an innocent man who was turned over to the mob and a feckless DA.



  1. Ms. Hunt has drunk the Kool Aid and has joined the wannabe Bolshevist who are intent on destroying Western Civilization. The time will soon come when she will be sacrificed to their lust and hate.

  2. Situations like this can happen because cities are far too slow in controlling mob violence. The have police wait, and stand back, until such time it reaches an explosive outcome. Because it is so explosive the politicians see no other alternative than take this type of injustice action. It takes a Governor DeSantis to realize the right course.

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