Tucker’s not afraid of getting fired & didn’t back down


Tucker Carlson is not afraid of getting fired and will not back down. He was not silent about George Soros last night, despite the move by Fox News and all networks to keep Soros’s name out of any discussions involving him. Soros is extremely far left and he is using his billions to transform the United States into a wasteland.

Currently, with his picks for DAs and sheriffs, he is destroying our justice system.

Tucker dared to say it last night:

Twitter has the video above hidden. You get the warning, “The following media includes potentially sensitive content,” and then you have to click ‘view’ to see it. Why? Because they are hiding what Soros is up to. They want Soros to destroy the USA they hate.

Tucker also addressed the threats to violence promised by the radical left, that has already begun. They have started with violent riots, as they did on Sunday in New York City and they showed up at the home of Senator Lindsey Graham to try to scare him into not voting for a replacement for RBG.

By the way, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, by all accounts, was a nice person and intelligent. However, she did not follow the Constitution. She was a judicial activist who looked at each case and decided how it fit her world view, then she decided the ruling to fit that.

The next clip has a few comments from Tucker discussing the RBG replacement last night:

Here is Hillary on Meet the Press condemning Republicans for daring to follow the Constitution and do as the law dictates:


For the past year, Democrats have openly called for ending the filibuster, packing the Supreme Court, eliminating the Electoral College, and giving statehood to DC and PR because they are overwhelmingly left.

Now they say if the GOP follows the rule of law and appoints a Justice, they will do all those things they promised to do anyway.

That is how Democrats work. When Republicans do things that limit them in some way, they say they will, and often do, change the rules so Republicans can’t do it again.

The difference is now that the Republicans have an opportunity to move the court to the rule of law — to the right.

It was Democrats under Harry Reid who scrapped the filibuster. All the GOP did was use their new principle to get Justice Gorsuch through.

Republicans must take this seat because Democrats have every intention of doing those things. They said they would prior to RBG’s death. They mean it. Take them at their word.

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