Rep Bass, potential VP pick, a racist woman of the times


Former vice president Joe Biden has several final picks he is considering as his running mate. Politico accidentally published a statement two days ago, dated August 1, congratulating Kamala Harris, his vice presidential pick. It was an error, but she is a likely choice. There are others still in the running, however. There is one candidate he is considering who is an ardent Castro-Communist — Rep. Karen Bass.

Bass supported Fidel Castro for his entire career as a mass-murdering communist and visited Cuba several times a year. She belonged to an organization in the ’70s that trained revolutionaries in terror attacks to be used against the United States, according to the LAPD at the time.

The representative personally sponsored the New Way Forward Act which would force the U.S. to bring back criminal illegal aliens who were returned to their homelands.

Currently, she is trying to cancel the California anti-discrimination law. She wants to make discrimination legal. The end goal is to portray white people as responsible for all the problems in this country. Why else would Bass want the law repealed?

Both Harris and Bass want to use ethnopolitics to achieve their goals. They will say that whites must be disadvantaged for other races to succeed. That is what is going on now with companies and schools attempting to ignore whites, especially white men, as they select candidates.

Bass will attend a conference with Cory Booker that is financed by Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. The conference, the National Coalition of Black Reparations, is a dangerous organization sometimes tied to violence.

Representative Bass is good at playing her radical ideas down and making them look mainstream, and is quite dangerous.


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