Open borders Biden says illegal immigrants “make us so strong”


Joe Biden says illegal immigration makes the United States strong. That statement makes him a buffoon.

Biden, speaking from his basement waxed philosophical about people pouring in, breaking our laws.

The presidential hopeful held a virtual event with UnidoUS on Wednesday and said that if he wins the election, on day one of his presidency, he will set up immigration legislation that will provide a road map to citizenship for 11 million illegal aliens. [It’s more than 11 million]

Biden said the millions of illegal aliens “make up so much of our communities and make us so strong — WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE.

Basically, he is saying he supports open borders.

He has in the past also said that he would give everyone who comes into the country illegally, free healthcare.

That is not affordable.




  1. The only thing strong about Mr. Dementia is the odor coming from his basement bunker and the flatulence he emanates from his oral orifice. And then there’s that yellow pooling when he forgets to change his depends.

  2. Hidin’ Biden is absolutely correct. Illegal criminal invaders make the DEMOCRAT COMMUNISTS strong, increase their demographic and attack Americans, leach off our productivity. They destroy the rest of us.

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