Rep Cheney plans to fight the Trump agenda even if she destroys the party


Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is willing to destroy the Republican Party as she unleashes her venom against Donald Trump. Whatever Trump’s faults, his agenda is the future of the Republican Party. The Republican Party of bad trade deals and wars is done.

Cheney is determined to undermine the party and stop any pro-Trump candidates from having any influence in the GOP.

She voted to impeach DJT, along with nine Republican congresspeople. Cheney has a lot of power, not with her constituents, but with the elites. The people tried to remove her from leadership, third in command but failed.

“It’s very important, especially for us as Republicans, to make clear that we aren’t the party of white supremacy,” Cheney said. “You certainly saw anti-Semitism, you saw the symbols of Holocaust denial, for example, at the Capitol that day. You saw a Confederate flag being carried through the Rotunda. And I think we as Republicans, in particular, have a duty and an obligation to stand against that, to stand against insurrection.”

[There was one person with a Confederate flag. We have to take her at her word that there were anti-Semitic symbols, but that does not define the people at the protest. We didn’t see it so there couldn’t have been much of it. She is painting everyone with the same brush.]

“We as Republicans have a duty and an obligation to stand against insurrection,” said Cheney. Ironically, she’s leading a revolt in her party right now.

“We will make our party worthy once again of the mantle of Lincoln and Reagan,” Cheney added.

She accused the former president of “summoning the mob and provoking them” and even refusing to listen to people asking him to step in earlier.

When Antifa and BLM riot, she remains silent. About the anti-free speech hearing yesterday, she has said nothing that we could unearth.

On Wednesday, she slammed Donald Trump again and said he should not be speaking at CPAC. She won’t stop. Cheney wants the ineffective Republican Party to continue on as it was.


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