Rep. Comer on Biden Probe: “Witnesses…Fear for Their Lives”


Republican Rep. James Comer accused Joe Biden’s legal team of threatening witnesses who were set to testify in an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

During an interview with John Solomon, published on Just the News, Comer spoke about the pressure that has been placed on witnesses in his district, saying, “We’ve got witnesses that are scared to death to come forward. They fear for their lives.”

“The mob mentality, this intimidation of witnesses… the Hunter Biden legal team, they’re testing the limits I’ll put it like that with respect to witness intimidation. …we’ve got dark money groups that are being funded through prominent high-ranking Democrat officials in Congress also, the communications director for the White House continues to tweet out, and retweet… trying to intimidate me.”

Additionally, banks that had worked with his investigation were being squeezed by high-ranking officials in the Democrat Party for complying with subpoenas.

He was critical of Rep. Raskin who is on the Oversight Committee. Rep. Raskin was gung-ho about impeaching Donald Trump, but with Biden, he acts like his defense attorney.

“I mean, you’ve got the banks … they’re being squeezed by attorneys, by high-ranking officials in the Democrat party for having the nerve to work with us, to comply with our subpoenas….”

He said he has had to fight the mainstream media. They question the committee’s every motive.

The committee has “… nine Biden family members that were receiving some form of payment from our adversaries around the world for influence peddling.” The media now knows we have something on them.

Mr. Comer explained that the media mobbed him when he walked down the halls in the Capitol until they found out that there is “a there there.” Now they “run out the back door because they don’t want to report on what we’re finding.”

These allegations are very serious.

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