Rep. Gaetz Answered the National Security Question


Rep. Matt Gaetz confirmed he wants the 14,000 hours of January 6 footage, and he sees the national security issue as a red herring. Rep. Gaetz believes there will be a lot of exculpatory evidence on those videos. He wants to know what the federal assets on the ground were doing during the riot.

The host asked him if it would jeopardize national security. Gaetz responded that if the security of members of Congress depends on the video, then the security isn’t very good.

He added that the federal government might be trying to hide the activities of special agents. While we don’t know that is the case, they want to see the videos and find out.

If past is prologue, then yes, the federal government is using national security as an excuse to hide something.

According to Politico, the Capitol Police Board says the final decision isn’t up to McCarthy. The board, which is made up of the House and Senate sergeants at arms and the architect of the Capitol, opposes the idea. It’s up to them They are partisan left.

The Board claims people might want to overrun the Capitol again.

The New Republic claims it will reveal strategic locations, but the Capitol layout is easily found online.

“Releasing the footage could reveal strategic locations in the Capitol, such as safe rooms and security cameras. It could also help give people a better sense of the building’s layout, thus jeopardizing Capitol security.”

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