Rep Gaetz says there’s a secret GOP anti-Trump cabal in Congress


President Trump was very angry about the way he was treated and the way the election turned out. He has reason to be. Trump was subject to constant attempts to unseat him with phony hoaxes and charges. The corrupt media railed against him 24/7. He also fought GOP haters.

Rep. Matt Gaetz appeared on Jesse Watters show Watter’s World on Saturday and stated that there is a secret anti-Trump caucus in the Republican Party in Washington. He added, “I’m concerned that folks like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger and others view this as an opportunity.”

Unfortunately, this disastrous riot in D.C. gave the haters a launching pad. The riot appears to have been driven by far-right radicals who were not at all aligned with the overwhelming majority of people at the rally. You will never hear that the former Police Chief said he appealed to McConnell and Pelosi for more security and they denied him — six times. You will not hear that the radicals already created an emergency situation before the people attending the speech got to the Capitol.


Cumulus warned their hosts, including Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and Dan Bongino that they are not to report the election was fraudulent.

The corporate PACs are also running for cover:

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