Rep. Goldman Coached Michael Cohen for Trial of Joe’s Opponent


There isn’t much to add to this X post except that Rep. Goldman, heir to the Levi fortune, is a truly despicable human. Michael Caputo called him a “liar,” and that’s easily proven. So it was one liar to another when this US congressman prepped the main witness against Joe’s political opponent.

Goldman not only prepped the liar in the politicized case against Trump in Manhattan, but he also gave $157,000 to Loren Merchan for publicity. As you know, she is the daughter of Judge Merchan, the corrupt Democrat overseeing the Manhattan case, which has about 15 prosecutors pitted against Donald Trump’s two attorneys.

The case doesn’t have proof of a crime yet, but they are making Donald Trump look like an adulterer with two scheming hookers, probable extortionists.

The Judge let Stormy pretend she was a victim, and Trump somehow overtook her for a sexual encounter; she played the role of the frightened waif in court. Stormy is a dishonest—aging, experienced porn star hooker. Listen to what she said in 2018 here.

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