Biden-Harris’s Federally-Controlled Digital ID Has Face Recognition


The FACT SHEET for the Biden-Harris administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan was published in July 2023 but went largely unnoticed. Infowars pointed to a May 2024 update. It’s even worse than it was originally. They are calling for a digital ID with face recognition. It’s just like Maoist China!

It’s top-down government ID forever. They are building the infrastructure, and states will be subservient. Coincidentally, it’s exactly what the global organizations called for as they plan for programmable money with expiry dates.

You can read the document yourself here.

Infowars drew attention to this section of the document:

Following a recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report calling for digital ID, an updated version of the Biden Administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy Implementation Plan has been published this month, outlining the President’s goals for the future of internet use, including digital identification via facial recognition biometrics.

Initiative 4.5.1 in the newly released version of the plan outlined public-private collaboration in advancing research into digital identification technologies, such as identifying users by their faces, according to the document on page 53.

And it is there, on p. 53.

It’s all controlled by Big Government and Big Tech:
  • The agency responsible for the digital ID initiative is The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • They will include Big Tech in the big government initiative.
  • DHS will contribute, as will the General Services Administration, which seeks a ‘digital government.‘

The system will be ready in the second quarter of 2025. On page 56, they indicate they hope to foster international digital control, which would bring us into global control.

Infowars did the heavy lifting, Sentinel merely checked it and summarized. It’s all there on the pages cited, and that will be all she wrote for national sovereignty, which they are erasing anyway with massive unassimilated immigration.

Speaking of Immigration

We aren’t allowed to say we are being replaced, but one in six residents is now foreign-born. Many of these new residents have five to twelve children. There will be far more of them than us in a generation or two. They will mostly vote for Democrats.

It sounds like the country within a country plan that the Obama administration dreamed about.

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