Rep. Gosar Calls for an Off-Ramp in Ukraine War


Rep. Paul Gosar objects to NATO refusing to offer an off-ramp to the Ukraine war. There are no attempts to de-escalate the war between Ukraine and Russia. The Left slanders anyone who objects.

“We must reject nuclear war,” he wrote on Twitter. “We MUST reject more unnecessary death and destruction.”

Many believe that the way it’s going, the only alternative is a Third World War and perhaps nuclear war. What other alternative is there?

France wants no part in World War III. A Twitter user responded to the Jordan Schachtel tweet below, “There are strong diplomatic, historical, and cultural ties between Russia and France that a lot of people wouldn’t expect. The fact that the message was sent out in English suggests to me it’s a message to the United States, who is presumably forcing them to send arms.”

Tulsi Gabbard responds to the endless, no-limits war in Ukraine. She believes it’s a problem with both parties and the military complex. You decide if the war is in the US’s best interests:

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John Vieira
John Vieira
1 year ago

Appears that the psychopaths are unanimously in favour of “ruling our ashes”….

1 year ago

For the most Part WWIII will last an hour. In the first 15 minutes, Europe (NATO) will be a Nuclear Waste Land. You would think that they would be screaming as loud as they can for the US to Back Off and get out of Ukraine. Maybe they are, but the Media just refuses to cover it?