Police in France Decide If You Can Fill Up Your Gas Tank


Workers at six of France’s refineries are on strike. It’s causing so much chaos that police are now checking peoples’ fuel tanks to see if they will let them fill-up.

French energy company TotalEnergies on Thursday offered further talks with trade unions to break the deadlock at refineries and fuel depots. The French government ordered workers back to a second fuel depot to ease petrol shortages.

TotalEnergies‘ proposal for talks came hours after President Emmanuel Macron’s government told the group to pay its workers more.

The industrial action has reduced France’s refinery capacity by more than 60 percent and left one in three fuel stations struggling for fuel.

Motorists across the country have faced long queues filling up their gas tanks at stations that often run dry daily. Police turn away people who they think have too much fuel in their tanks.

I saw this type of chaos during Hurricane Sandy. People were stabbing, screaming, and beating up people in a normally calm and peaceful area of Long Island New York. All they had to do was wait in line for gas for a couple of hours, although the stations sometimes run out of gas.

At the same time, across Europe, anger is increasing at the EU and NATO for the money going to Ukraine and the sanctions. It seems like the French are always protesting, and we aren’t sure how widespread this chaos is in France.

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7 months ago

One of the things about living in Rural America on a Farm or a Ranch.is we keep tanks of fuel on hand for Generators and Farm equipment. You can’t have a Flammables Storage Locker in the city or keep a 100 gallon storage tank in your garage. It would get stolen in most cities anyway. People in Big Blue Cities are dependent for just about everything. No wonder they are OK with being treated like Domestic Pets by the Government.

Think about it! You can’t fill up because you already have half a tank. You can’t plug your EV in because we shut down the Fossil Fueled power plants. Next they won’t let people into Walmart because you look a little overweight. No, no, no, Healthcare is only for people under 65. We don’t take Medicare. You can’t own a gun; you aren’t a member of a Gang or spent time in Prison. Oh! You’re robbing this store. Let me ring up your merchandise to be sure you are under the legal limit – we don’t want you arrested if you are stopped by a cop!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
7 months ago
Reply to  GuvGeek

Unfortunately, the disgusting possibilities you outline is the like sad outcome! Evil and tyranny only grows bolder and more intolerant as it gets stronger;

7 months ago

At least these people protest. Americans just sit there with their thumbs up their asses.

John Vieira
John Vieira
7 months ago
Reply to  lalasayswhat

Hey, their ‘idols’ in the corrupt Main sewer Stream fake Media tells them everything is fine and that Putin and his collaborator, Trump, is to blame…Stupid IS???