Rep Gosar says 790,000 votes in AZ were flipped to Joe Biden


Congressman Paul Gosar (R-AZ) of Arizona’s 4th District took to his personal Twitter account on Thursday to raise the alarm. The State of Arizona had 790,000 laundered — stolen votes.


The video gives a detailed description of how Absentee votes were utilized to tip the scales in Arizona. The data samples from Absentee ballots counted on Election day versus those counted before show a radical departure in Biden votes by percentage an increase of about 15-20% on Election day versus those counted before.

If all of these ballots came from the same pool of ballots, the data scientists say this would be almost completely impossible.

The video concludes:
  • Voter Fraud Occurred in Arizona
  • The Raw Data Proves This Claim
  • The Raw Data is an API Direct Feed
  • The SOS Uses This Same Data
  • Arizona Certified Fraudulent Votes

This is the rumble video he links to:



  1. The crisis of this election coup will deepen more if the misfit Biden becomes president. These legal challenges and investigations are not going away. The executive, legislative and judicial branches will reach record low levels of approval. We will become a nation of elites ruling against the people.

  2. A few posts later discusses the CCP/CPUSA comrade kommissar council of the glorious people’s republic of Arizona refusing to turn over the machines until they can get the Bleachbit cloth treatment, these two go together.

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