Rep. Greene’s 25 Tweet Castigation of Biden and Democrats


Marjorie Taylor Greene unleashed a series of twenty-five tweets rebuking the administration and Democrats for seriously harming the United States. It’s her own Siate of the Union.

  1. The baby formula shortage is another terrifying example of the fragile state America is in.

Farmers are in serious trouble too.
Food security IS national security.

More big gov bailouts are only bandaids that can’t stop the hemorrhaging of our critically injured economy.

  1. The Biden admin and Democrats have failed Americans.

They’re wrongly focused on building a global economy, pursuing fatal green energy, killing off life saving fossil fuel energy, and saturating our society w/ sexually immoral ideologies.

They’re blind to the People’s pain.

  1. Trillions of taxpayer dollars in “stimulus” spending that paid people to stay home & quit their jobs while simultaneously forcing businesses to shutdown & all of society to stay home was disastrous tyranny with long lasting consequences that America was never meant to suffer.
  1. Covid brought to light many things.

The covid case and death data always showed who was most vulnerable to hospitalization & death.

Elderly, obese, and immune compromised people.

Sadly, those are always the most vulnerable to most health threats.

  1. From the beginning we should have focused our efforts on protecting the vulnerable and kept our country’s economy running.

But shutdowns did allow parents to see what schools have taught their kids.

Truth that parents needed to know and take action to stop, which many are.

  1. Instead, Dr Fauci (who also funded gain of function research that made covid possible), CDC, Democrats, and the media ran a fear campaign that instilled paralyzing fear in many Americans.

Then taxpayer dollars were heavily spent funding Gov forced vaccines as the only option.

  1. Covid cases & deaths flashed 24/7 on screens, but the massive number of people surviving covid & building natural immunity was ignored and heavily censored on the internet.

The only cure acceptable by the regime was Gov funded vaccines, while private businesses were shutdown.

  1. The consequences have been like a huge train derailment effect to every part of our country, w/ each train car broken apart & thrown from the tracks leaving devastating destruction that only wise decisions, hard work, and time will rebuild the train and put it back on track.
  2. Nearly 2 1/2 years into Gov led failure that tread on every Constitutional guaranteed freedom for Americans caused by a Gov funded virus created and leaked out of the Wuhan lab, the American people are left with these problems and these truths:
  1. The government is corrupt and has not only failed but has caused real injury to American citizens who pay taxes to fund it.

The Gov has enslaved Americans into over $30 Trillion in debt that is owned by China, Japan, & other countries.

The Gov refuses to stop overspending.

  1. The Gov lied and colluded with Big Tech and the powerful media to force tyranny on American citizens then forced Gov funded vaccines they knew caused injuries and even death as the only key to freedom.

Then silenced anyone who tried to tell the truth.
Including me.

  1. The Gov forced covid shutdowns killed more small businesses than any recession in decades.

Then when the Gov could no longer force people to stay home & keep businesses closed, they stalled recovery and hurt businesses ability to rehire workers by paying people to not work.

  1. This killed even more small businesses and is still a major problem plaguing all businesses.

The Gov funding flood of cash into a devastated supply chain and crippled businesses suffering from a worker shortage has driven skyrocketing inflation that will continue.

  1. Like pouring lighter fluid on a raging bonfire, the Dems & Biden admin’s America last energy policies that killed the Keystone pipeline, passes policies pursuing the China first Green New Deal battery dependency, and end goal of killing off oil & gas energy is deadly.
  2. Combined with hot pursuit on regime change in Russia, taxpayer funded money laundering through NGO’s & non-profits in Ukraine capitalizing yet again on war induced human suffering, Biden’s ban on Russian oil & gas is causing high profits for OPEC, foreign dictators, and
  3. has only helped Putin fund his war by selling oil & gas to India & China, while skyrocketing gas & diesel prices devastate Americans at the pump.

Elections have consequences.

Especially when they put corrupt globalists in charge who know how to profit off foreign wars.

  1. Now diesel fuel is raging over $5.50/gal.

Trucks, trains, boats, barges, and farm equipment all run on diesel fuel and are the lifeblood of our supply chain that literally feeds all Americans.

And the very special hard working Americans that operate those diesel fueled..

  1. trucks, trains, boats, barges, and farm equipment are on the verge of going broke because of all these awful America last Gov decisions and policies.

When diesel fuel hits $6/gal, we will not only see desperate mothers crying in stores bc there is no baby formula,

  1. we will see people everywhere crying in stores because there is hardly any food at all.

If you don’t believe me, get out from behind your keyboard & go to rural America where our food is grown and ask the farmers.

After this growing season, many may not be farmers anymore.

  1. You’ll learn how heartbreakingly & painfully stupid our Gov leaders have been and continue to drive our country down a completely unnecessary path of destruction.

You will also find out how many people didn’t take covid vaccines (like me) and got covid only once & no more.

  1. Food security IS national security.

And Gov leaders that do not understand that very basic lifesaving fact are not fit for office nor should be allowed to make the impactful decisions affecting our country’s ability to put food on our family’s tables.

  1. Our foreign policy affects our food security.
    Our energy policy affects our food security.
    Our economic policy affects our food security.
    Our burdensome regulations affect our food security.
    Our insurance policies affect our food security.
  2. Our tax policy affects our food security.
    And on and on.

When our Gov’s decades of failure finally cause our farmers to fail, our American identity will die.

A farm, be it big or small, is how America was grown.

With freedom, faith in God, hard work, and raising a family.

  1. All of this can be fixed with wise decisions that enforce our constitution, laws, and focus our People’s hard earned tax dollars on our country, our borders, and our people.

The government must be run like a successful private business serving the American people.

  1. Lastly, America is our home.

It’s time to take care of it just like a mother tenderly cares for her home and her children.

Now that my children are grown, that’s all I want to do for America.

We must put our home in order so we all have a good safe place to live & thrive.

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