Rep. grills FBI director about the double standard in 1-6 prosecutions and BLM/Antifa riots


Rep. Markwayne Mullin grilled FBI Director Cristopher Wray about the double standard in investigating and prosecuting Capitol rioters versus the Black Lives Matter and Antifa rioters in D.C. and Portland.

Rep Mullin stated that federal officers have been attacked, assaulted, and injured by Antifa and BLM, yet the FBI does nothing to investigate or prosecute these violent extremists.

Trying to get him to address it is hopeless. However, Mullin cornered and exposed him several times as one of the perpetrators of the double standard.

Mullin quoted Wray when he said: “Antifa is not a national organization” [03:42 on the mark]. Then Director Wray denied it!!! He finally admits it’s more than what he suggested last year.

Antifa and BLM are Biden supporters and helped get Biden elected.  BLM helped fund Joe Biden and worked the polls and the counting of ballots in blue areas.




  1. Grills? You mean like a spit with barbecue (racist!) hee har!
    Biden owes the Black Liberation Movement comrades who were instructed by Chicago Jesus to vote for the old white guy who is a burn it all down by any means necessary true believer fellow traveler.
    Read a page earlier about comrade (?) chairman Levine and why is this not troubling to people, it is owed a high position in bananagov due to the Big Steal in the glorious people’s republic of Pennsylvania.

  2. Christopher Wray is not an FBI Director but a phony plant by the left. Wray is a slimy, greasy communist who cannot even spell A T T O R N E Y A T L A W . He should be in prison for obstruction of justice. Al Capone had more integrity thqn the slimeball Christopher Wray. When the Communists finally take over this country, Chris Wray will be he head of the new American KGB. Another dark night for America when people like Chris Wray are appointed to responsible positions. I hope Trump has learned his lesson about taking advice from
    back stabbing slimy politicians who “recommended” the undercover Gangster, Thug, Chris Wray to “lead” this now putrid corrupt agency. It smells better in the D.C. Sewer Treatment Plant than it does when you enter the door of the FBI building.

  3. We are reduced to the republican party having a small opposition wing which the corrupt criminal republican “leadership” scum hate.

  4. Is “Director” Wray calling Biden a Liar. Biden quoted Wray about Antifa being an “idea”, which he did, and perjured himself in this hearing.

  5. Comrade Wray takes his orders from Beijing and is a ChiCom agent of the first magnitude.Why would he fail to prosecute the BLM and ANTIFA murderer and arsonists when they are the armed wing of the ChiCom agents masquerading as Democrats? His job and the purpose of the FBI is to suppress any and all dissent and to characterize partriots as terrorists. May he soon join his fellow demons in Hell!

  6. FBI and the rest of the alphabet soups should be dismantled! They’ve proven time and again that they’re the enemy of the people and a tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars. That’s never going to happen, but one can dream? Or is that forbidden too?

  7. ANTIFA and BLM are integral components of the Domestic and Foreign Democrat Terrorists Conspiracy to overthrow the Republic! There Democrat Masters/Protectors don’t want them stopped! They in fact encourage them and the Conspiracy pays them! It is noted in the latest news releases the Rioters/Terrorists in Portland burned down an Apple Store and rode through the city firing guns..but not noted was they were firing at businesses, cars and Citizens! Their Marxist assault on our 2A Rights is directed at Honorable Citizens/Patriots, not their Terrorist arms and not their Criminal base such as the Democrat who murdered 8 former co-workers at Fed Ex in Indy! It was not the NRA nor 250,000,000+ Citizens committing the terror in Democrat Hells (Cities)! it is Democrats and Drug Cartel allies, imo!

  8. I sorry but what can you expect from this government it was on the rim of the bowl under clinton and got worse , since obama let the leftist zealots loose in his admin this country is beyond corrupt and despicable. The FBI that august body, is a shame for leftist hatred, it was looked up to but now it is laughed at as the dirty fabricators of truth it has become. Thank you Mueller, Comey, McCabe & Wray all fine examples of walking human excrement. They look the other way at the crimes committed by BLM & Antifa because they further the lefts ideals. so put your pink pussy hats or black VC pajamas and cause all destruction you want, just claim your advancing the Lefts agenda.

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