Since when does the VP meet with the head of a foreign nation?


Joe Biden does one or two minor things a day like have lunch with Kamala, so it’s not surprising that he wasn’t available to greet the Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga upon his arrival at the White House.

Kamala Harris greeted him instead.

Since when does the Vice President greet the head of state of a foreign country to the White House?

Maybe it was Biden’s nap time.

PM Suga should have turned around, gotten back in his car, and returned home. It’s insulting.

This is what Democrats have wrought. We have a demented imbecile in office and the world is mocking us.

We already posted Biden’s march schedule. It’s a pathetic joke and April is just as bad. He literally does nothing.

It’s an ideal situation. He’s a puppet and the people behind the curtain, which includes Barack Obama, are bulletproof.

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