Rep. Hank Says We Need Open Borders So Migrants Can Feed Us


Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia thinks the GOP wants slavery back and explained that we need to keep the borders open so illegal aliens can come in and feed us and clean up our hospitals.

Hank said, “[GOP]…to create crisis at the border so that people come here, and they are always subject to being illegal workers. And we need to do something about that. In this country those folks who are coming across are the ones who are helping to put food on our table. Without them, we’re not able to eat if you turn them away. If all of them were turned away and then this legislation passed, making it easier to get at people who are already here legally, and you have no immigration.

“Then we would have no food on our plates. We would have nobody taking care of the building, the construction of our homes. We would have nobody cleaning up in the hospitals. You know, honest work that deserves an honest day’s pay. You know, that’s the kind of system that we need to have in this country. Immigration is important and my friends on the other side of the aisle want to pretend that they want to close this border.

Would you believe this fellow has a law degree?

As The US Ministry of Truth says, “Racism is fine when we do it.”

Nancy said, “We need them [the slaves] to pick the crops.” [Actually, we have a moral responsibility to our own people.]

Hank’s the person who warned us what would happen if we had too many military members deployed to Guam. Guam “could tip over and capsize.”

[This is downright embarrassing.]

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