Rep Joaquin Castro Wants Jared Kushner Investigated for a Fake Theory


Rep. Joaquin Castro created a story about Jared Kushner out of whole cloth during an interview on CNN. Without evidence, he claimed that Kushner possibly orchestrated a hit on Jamal Khashoggi.

He said Kushner “delivered a hit list, an enemies list, to the crown prince, to MbS, in Saudi Arabia and that the prince may have acted on that, and one of the people he took action against is Mr. Khashoggi.”

Anchor Poppy Harlow pushed back, stating that CNN had no reporting on Castro’s claim.

“I’ve seen reporting to that effect . . . that needs to be investigated,” Castro responded.


Castro wants an investigation on the conspiracy theory he made up on the fly.

The basis for his fake news is the fact that Jared Kushner has a good and fairly close relationship with the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman which the left-wing media doesn’t like.

There has never been any indication of anything untoward in the relationship, however.

Joaquin is very irresponsible.

He later tweeted this variation of his original fake story:

The story is still flying around the Internet of course and this is the line he’s feeding us in a tweet:

As I clarified yesterday about a similar headline, I’m not accusing Jared Kushner of orchestrating any such thing. If it came across that way, then my words conveyed the wrong thing. I’m asking — based on concerns raised in previous reporting — for an investigation into whether Kushner or another Trump official shared classified US Intel that has been used by the Saudis to target disssidents, including .

In other words, he didn’t mean to say Jared Kushner orchestrated the murder even though he accused Kushner of giving the Prince a hit list to orchestrate the murder.

This guy is such a tool. His words were very clear. He just didn’t know what he was talking about and didn’t care to bother with facts.

He went on Twitter posting stories from the Intercept, the NY Times, and other publications which didn’t deal at all with his accusation, just Kushner’s positive relationship with the Prince.

Joaquin needs to quit while he is ahead.


According to the Free Beacon, Castro appears to be referring to reporting from the Daily Mail that bin Salman “bragged about using classified intelligence from Kushner as part of a crackdown on ‘corrupt’ princes and businessmen in Saudi Arabia.” The piece did not name Khashoggi as one of the enemies named, and noted: “there is no way to independently verify the truth of the boast.”

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