Rep. Lee Zeldin: Unelected NY Gov Hochul Reversed NY’s Votes on Propositions


New York Congressman Lee Zeldin would make a terrific governor if only New Yorkers can look beyond their compulsion to vote “D,” no matter what. His State of the State rebuttal is very good, but some points he made about unelected Hochul shocked me.

New Yorkers got to vote for or against several propositions in the last election. The ones that were voted down were very undemocratic to say the least. So, what did Kathy Hochul do? She used executive orders to pass them anyway.

For one, New Yorkers voted resoundingly ‘no’ on ‘no excuse voting.’ For another, they resoundingly voted ‘no’ to eliminate the independent redistricting commission that lays the groundwork for elections. So, what did Hochul decide to do? She did the opposite. She overruled the will of the people. She did this totally under the radar.

Governor Hochul has set up a one-party rule.

Rep. Zeldin discusses crime and other troubling issues on this clip, and as he concludes, “this is last stand time”:

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Too late
Too late
4 months ago

He seems like a sincere guy. Unfortunately, even if he got elected to governor, he would still be hobbled by the democrats in the NY legislature. Most of his great ideas would require new legislation. He would be like Schwarzenegger in California, a lame duck republican governor faced with a hostile legislature. Why would he sign up for that? The families leaving NY are the ones that made the best choice for a brighter future. NY is not salvageable, and it’s so obvious to most of America. That’s why their population is shrinking.