YouTube Removes Comments Critical of the CCP – It Was an Error?


Conservatives are being censored everywhere if they speak against the narrative. Ian Miles Cheong was just kicked off PayPal because he’s a conservative reporter. YouTube is taking down videos that are critical of Joe Biden.

Google/YouTube is also taking down comments critical of Red China. Is that who we are now? Red China’s operatives?

They claim it was just an error. It’s always just an error.

via Daily Wire:

YouTube says it was a system “error” that caused the platform’s moderation system to delete comments critical of China’s Communist Party and not the work of a heavy-handed YouTube censor.

The Verge reports that YouTube users began flagging the disappearance of YouTube comments containing the Chinese characters for the words “communist bandit” and “50-cent party,” both of which are phrases typically deployed against the Chinese Communist Party, or CCP.

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