Rep. Nunes will send criminal referrals to DOJ over the FBI’s attempted coup


Congressman Devin Nunes says criminal referrals will be sent to the Justice Department as a result of new evidence revealing malfeasance on the part of the FBI.

This was a coup and all the Democrats in charge knew what was going on.

The Washington Examiner reported Nunes told Fox News on Saturday that newly declassified footnotes in the Justice Department watchdog report on the FBI’s Russia investigation will “likely” generate new criminal referrals.

“I would say that people should go and look at those footnotes that are now public,” the California Republican said, adding, “Likely, we’re going to have more criminal referrals based on these.”

Devin Nunes, the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee who was credited for revealing the FBI’s abuse in the FISA process in 2018, issued eight criminal referrals for members of the intelligence community last year. The referrals targeted individuals in the FBI, specifically those who played a large role in obtaining the warrants against Trump’s campaign associate Carter Page.

John Solomon said he doesn’t think there will be any significant prosecutions except perhaps against Fired lawyer Clinesmith, a small player in this.

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