Comey-FBI knowingly used Russian disinformation to frame a president


As reported on Friday, newly-declassified footnotes in Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s watchdog report reveal the FBI knew before they began the probe into the President that the Hillary-DNC-funded dossier was likely Russian disinformation. They ignored or hid all evidence it was from Russian intelligence as they pushed forward with the investigation.

The dossier was part of a Russian Intelligence Service disinformation campaign. Yet, it is what the Comey FBI used to frame the President.

The FBI moved forward with obtaining FISA surveillance warrants against the Trump campaign aide Carter Page, including several renewals, while knowingly spreading false narratives pushed by Russian spies.


In a press release, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley (Iowa) and Ron Johnson (Wis.) explained the significance of the development.

The footnotes reveal that, beginning early on and continuing throughout the FBI’s Russia investigation, FBI officials learned critical information streams that flowed to the dossier were likely tainted with Russian Intelligence disinformation. But the FBI aggressively advanced the probe anyway, ignoring internal oversight mechanisms and neglecting to flag the material credibility concerns for a secret court.

Despite later intelligence reports that key elements of the FBI’s evidence were the result of Russian infiltration to undermine U.S. foreign relations, the FBI still pushed forward with its probe. It would eventually spill over into the years-long special counsel operation, costing taxpayers more than $30 million and increasing partisan divisions – all based on faulty evidence. In the end, the special counsel concluded that the Trump campaign did not collude with Russia.

“For years, the public was fed a healthy diet of leaks, innuendo and false information to imply that President Trump and his campaign were part of a Russian conspiracy to spread disinformation. The FBI’s blind pursuit of the investigation, despite exculpatory and contradictory information, only legitimized the narrative,” the senators said. “The mounting evidence undercutting this narrative should have stopped the investigation early in its tracks. Instead, it took several years and millions in taxpayer dollars to conclude that the allegations were baseless.”

“Had FBI leadership heeded the numerous warnings of Russian disinformation, paid attention to the glaring contradictions in the pool of evidence and followed long-standing procedures to ensure accuracy, everyone would have been better off. Carter Page’s civil liberties wouldn’t have been shredded, taxpayer dollars wouldn’t have been wasted, the country wouldn’t be as divided and the FBI’s reputation wouldn’t be in shambles,” the senators continued.

“It’s ironic that the Russian collusion narrative was fatally flawed because of Russian disinformation. These footnotes confirm that there was a direct Russian disinformation campaign in 2016, and there were ties between Russian intelligence and a presidential campaign — the Clinton campaign, not Trump’s,” they said.

We all now know, including FBI Director Christopher Wray, that this was illegal. Will we see the perpetrators brought to justice?



  1. Nothing will come of these discoveries. Barr is as Deep State as they come. We must never forget that Rosenstein signed off on 2 of the 4 FISA Warrants. And that Barr, at Rosenstein’s retirement party praised him so damn highly that he tried to have us believe that Barr walked on water. Barr is corrupt. Non one directly involved at the top will ever be charged. Barr will protect them.

  2. At least the kabuki theater of the absurd is wildly entertaining! Some are a little more equal than others in the people’s collective.
    The law doesn’t apply to everyone comrade. Treason, sedition, plotting a coup? All gone as part of the Fundamental Transformation into a Zimbabwe/Venezuela/Cuba hybrid.
    Yes we can!

  3. Comey and possibly Mueller, because he also knew, as well as other top FBI & DOJ officials and a few elected Representatives & Senators because of their complacently should be indicted for their attempt to stage a coup against our duly and Constitutionally elected president and in doing so, against our government.

  4. Barr is “lifelong” family friends as he said in his confirmation hearings and said he will always be. Barr is deep state as many know that pay attention.

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