Rep. Omar condemns cops who shot felon trying to kill them


Rep. Ilhan Omar came out strong for the black male felon, Dolal Idd, who rammed police cars and then opened fire on them.

The NY Times was hoping it would be another story they could dramatize in an effort to hurt the police.

Since Omar is anti-American and hopes to destroy us, she naturally finds law enforcement a joke. She claimed that the “man was killed,” leaving out the part about the ramming and shooting. Then she falsely claimed his family was terrorized and robbed of a son without any answers.

Obviously, they have answers. Their criminal son opened fire on cops. It was a state-sanctioned self-defense case, which she mischaracterized as ‘state-sanctioned murder.’

Omar is speaking to the morons who believe her. They don’t know any better. Or, perhaps, they don’t want to know any better or they are looking for any reason to lie and hate.

Omar is a very crazy and dangerous person.

Watch the police bodycam footage:

The NY Times story at first claimed he was shot at a traffic stop, but that was incorrect just as so many of these NY Times stories are.

The man was a violent criminal:

The Star Tribune reported:

In 2019, Idd was convicted of illegally possessing and firing a gun in Hennepin County. The charges say, in July 2018, Idd fired a gun in the basement shower of his parents’ home around 1 a.m. with two children sleeping nearby.

Idd’s mother told Eden Prairie police that her son was not permitted in the house because “he scares the children.” Police arrested him later in Bloomington with a 9mm handgun that had been reported stolen in North Dakota, according to charges.

Huff Po wrote:

Online court records showed a string of minor traffic charges against Idd, but also a felony theft conviction in 2018 and a felony drug conviction in 2017. The records, which included a birthdate that would make Idd 23 years old, did not include detailed summaries of the cases.

The records also included a misdemeanor conviction in 2019 for carrying a pistol in a public place. The Star Tribune reported that charges in the case said Idd fired a gun in the basement shower of his parents’ home in suburban Eden Prairie with two children sleeping nearby. The charges said Idd was later arrested with a handgun that had been reported stolen in North Dakota.

He’s a Somali-American like Omar. He should have been in prison. Why was he even in this country.

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Private Revolution
Private Revolution
2 years ago

The comrades do know that the poleeces shoot back right?
Oh…they think that fifth columns in mommygov have their back as part of the burn it all down plan.
Usefulness only lasts for so long, comrades.
Kommissarina Omar doesn’t give a rip about some street thug unless they have political value.