Rep Omar said people were terrorized by the National Guard and police


Clinton operative, George Stephanopoulos, spoke with anti-American Rep. Ilhan Omar on This Week today. During the interview, he asked Omar, “Did the National Guard get things under control last night?”

She is the Representative from Minnesota where the riots, I mean protests, began.

Omar suggested that the National Guard were terrorists.

The Guard and the “militarized” police are a problem? She lives in an alternative universe. They are there to protect people from rioters.

I think last night, the community did feel pleased to know that there will not be a burning of their businesses and their homes. We are obviously worried and feeling terrorized about that prospect, but there really was also many people who chose to demonstrate and not abide by the curfew, who felt like they also were terrorized by the presence of tanks, by the presence of the National Guard and the militarized police.

If someone told me she’s a plant here, groomed by a terrorist organization like al Qaeda, I would believe it. How dare she call our Guard and police, ‘terrorists.’

And as you said, George, our country is in pain. People can’t get that image of George Floyd having the life choked out of him by a police officer who was supposed to protect and serve our community. But this also is a reminder that we are living in a country that has truly for a long time brutalized African-Americans, from slavery, to lynching, to Jim Crow, to mass incarceration and now to police brutality.

Nothing like fanning the flames with hatred. Someone should break the news to her that slavery and Jim Crow were Democrat movements.

This stupid, fascistic woman came from a failed and violent nation. She has no respect or appreciation for all she has in the United States. Omar only tears this country apart. Her anti-Semitic comments are also infuriating.

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