Rep. Says Somebody’s Got to go to Jail Over FISA or “Our System Is Over”


The FBI and DoJ are accused of spying on the Trump campaign. The warrant they ostensibly used was based on a dossier with information provided by the Hillary campaign and the DNC. There is evidence of a widespread cover-up and a possible coup attempt by Hillary supporters in the agencies.

The FBI appears to have lied to the FISA secret court, using the fake dossier, to get a warrant on a peripherally-involved Trump campaign aide, Carter Page. They labeled him a spy which would allow them to spy on the entire Trump campaign.

The shocking thing is no one has gone to jail. In fact, no one has even lost their job. They get to resign on fat pensions or they get a different job, sometimes a lesser job without a cut in pay.

With that thought in mind, Rep. Louie Gohmert said he can’t believe no one has gone to jail. He told Judge Jeanine on Fox News last night that he was “shocked, really shocked that no FISA judge put anybody in jail yet. Yet we have found total disregard for propriety before the FISA court. And somebody should have been in jail over the improprieties submitted in court.”

He told the Fox host he signed a letter sent to Chairman Goodlatte urging him to get to the bottom of what happened in the FISA court. He also said there might not even be a transcript!

Shockingly, he said, “There is a chance, there may not be some transcripts. In which case you go by the four corners of the documents that were there. And we know people should go to jail.”

“You say there may not be a transcript?” Pirro asked.

“We don’t know for sure that there is or not,” he responded. “But there should be. When you have a court of record and usual handling felony business, you need to have that on the record. I will bet you did like you did. If you had a conference with the lawyers, you would bring the court reporter into your office and there should be a transcript.”

Just imagine if they don’t even keep a record.

Rep. Gohmert proceeded to talk about the Democrat memo which is reportedly filled with intelligence. It is said to be an [Adam] Schiffty trap.

“The Dems intentionally inserted sources and method in their memo, believing it would put the Intel source and personnel at risk,” she said. “Why would they do that?”

“They said that would happen with the Republican [memo] that was released and we saw that was totally false representations they made,” she remarked. “When they put sources and methods and there are not four, but 10 pages, it was totally a political act. It was disingenuous and it would have put lives at risk. No question.”


Then Judge Pirro asked if anyone was “going to jail over this”.

“Somebody has to go to jail or our system is over,” Gohmert concluded. “The rule of law doesn’t mean anything anymore.”

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