Rep. Scalise Is on Path to Become Speaker of the House


Rep. Scalise is on the path to becoming the Speaker. The House Republicans met last night and for two hours this morning before making the decision.

They voted via a secret ballot for whom they will put up on the House floor for a vote, which will come sometime this week.

It comes after former speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted in a vote by eight members of his own party and all House Democrats last week. It marked the first time in history the US House of Representatives voted to remove its own leader.

McCarthy has repeatedly lied to fellow Republicans and has continually passed huge spending bills, despite promises to not do that.

Scalise has been McCarthy’s longtime #2 despite their long rivalry. Jordan, who is allegedly closer to McCarthy, nabbed early support from the Freedom Caucus. He is one of the original co-founders of the caucus.

There have been concerns about making Rep. Scalise the speaker since he is ill with cancer.

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