Dem Candidate Praises Those “Dancing” After the Attack on Israel


In this country, Democrats are stirring the Palestinian radicals in the US to insurrection in the media and in our communities.

One Democrat candidate for office said you must support Palestine, or you will not win office in Michigan. He praised people dancing after the attack on Israel and told the crowd that if they don’t support Palestine, they don’t support humanity.

Thank Democrats for all of this. They have been lying to you.

“I want you to remember before you end the occupation in Palestine,” businessman and candidate Nasser Beydoun said, “we have to end the occupation in Congress.” He is running for the US Senate in Michigan. He was speaking at a pro-Palestine rally yesterday, wrote independent journalist Brendan Gutenschwager@BGOnTheScene.

When you listen to an excerpt of a clip from Brendan Gutenschwager below, you will feel like you’re listening to a Nazi rally. You can listen to the entire clip on Twitter – I’ve linked to it. At one point, the candidate praises the people who weren’t present because they were dancing yesterday to the news of the attack on Israel.

Palestine wasn’t occupied by anyone but the radical fascists of Hamas who pushed Sharia Law on the people.

The attack on Israel was savage, as one would expect from terrorists. So here we have a candidate for a democratic primary in Michigan who is praising these people immediately after they slaughtered Jewish people, beheaded children, and babies, killed children in front of their parents, killed parents in front of the children, and raped young women. According to some of the interviews of captured terrorists, that was part of the plan.

He begins with the communist slogan of BLM and antifa, “No justice, no peace.” He claimed that if you don’t support Palestinians, you have no humanity or justice and shouldn’t be allowed to represent them.


This is how Nasser describes himself on his website:

For more than two decades, Nasser has been a fierce advocate for civil rights, calling out injustice wherever it exists while engaging law enforcement to help it better serve and protect. He’s known for building coalitions that promote understanding and bring people together to work toward common goals that benefit all involved. Since 2015, Nasser has led the ACRL, an organization dedicated to equal rights and protections for people of all backgrounds.

CNN reports Israel is currently in negotiations to let Palestinians and Americans leave Gaza for Egypt before a ground operation starts. Most of the people reported to be abducted are found dead. There are potentially sixty abductees.

These monsters are inhuman, and they are taught to hate from childhood.

John Kirby, for what it’s worth, said earlier that there is no proof of life of any American hostage. Twenty-two Americans are confirmed dead fourteen are missing.

Terrorists are here now. Some are bred here, and some are coming through our open borders. Maybe that’s why most of the illegal aliens are single men of military age.

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